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( Don’t Be Afraid of a Mouse )

With years of experience and a printing industry background I can offer what many can’t . Whether you need an artistic eye for your retouching needs or illustrations that are press ready, We are the “Kompany” to call. Now I even offer an extensive digital stock photography library as an addition to our services. Taking projects from concept to final file is no problem. I love a challenge, work quickly and am able to accommodate most budgets.

Over the years I have worked with many of of the top designers, photographers, design firms and studios. My retouching, illustration and an extensive library of stock photography has even brought me work in designing and creating props for various television shows. “ Hanging with Mr Cooper”, “The Drew Carey Show” and “Friends” to name a few.

Resume and references available upon request

I work almost exclusively from my office using FTP sites and my i-disk. Most files can be sent back and forth with ease. Why is this an advantage to both you and me? I will not be tying up your equipment. I can work hours that may not be conventional. I also feel I am doing my part to relieve freeway congestion and cutback on fuel consumption.

We have the technology - why not use it to our advantage?

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